What is PlanScore?

We are legal, political science, and mapping technology experts tackling the challenge of making redistricting fair and easy to understand. With the help of code and data from election experts around the country, we are building a service to score and publish district plans for all 50 states on an easy-to-use website.

PlanScore is a project of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a national nonprofit organization that fights for every American’s right to participate in the democratic process. CLC advocates for fair maps and often serves as a resource for the media to understand how the redistricting cycle affects communities of interest. For media inquiries, please contact us by email.

To assist legislative staff when creating new plans, any geographic file uploaded by site visitors can be checked for its partisan, demographic, racial, and geometric features and optionally have its results shared publicly.

To help voters and journalists understand the characteristics of new plans, the comprehensive results for any plan proposed by a legislative majority can be referenced, shared, and linked in articles or social media.

To provide historical context for the partisan asymmetries of today’s plans, enacted maps all the way back to the 1970s will be scored and made available to site visitors.

Who is PlanScore?

Campaign Legal Center and PlanScore have collaborated to provide an expanded tool to provide a transparency tool to help prevent partisan gerrymandering in the 2021 redistricting cycle.

CLC Team

Photo of Mark Gaber

Mark Gaber

Mark is the Director, Redistricting at Campaign Legal Center, overseeing the organization's litigation and policy advocacy for fairer redistricting practices nationwide. He has worked as merits or amici counsel in numerous redistricting cases, including in Wisconsin, the City of Virginia Beach, and in CLC’s defense of the Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission.

Photo of Corey Goldstone

Corey Goldstone

Corey is Senior Communications Manager, Voting Rights & Redistricting at Campaign Legal Center. Corey serves as media contact for journalists interested in learning more about PlanScore analysis and helps to create public-facing content to advocate for fair maps. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Georgetown University.

Photo of Simone Leeper

Simone Leeper

Simone is a Legal Counsel on the Redistricting team at Campaign Legal Center, and has been involved in redistricting and voting rights cases at both the trial and appellate level. Prior to her position as Legal Counsel, Simone was a Legal Fellow at CLC.

Photo of Aseem Mulji

Aseem Mulji

Aseem is a Legal Counsel at Campaign Legal Center, where he litigates cases and supports legislative advocacy efforts across CLC’s programs, including for fair redistricting. He also works with state and local partners to enact various democracy reforms, including state-level voting rights acts, public financing, and ranked choice voting.

PlanScore Team

Photo of Ruth Greenwood

Ruth Greenwood

Ruth is the Director of the Election Law Clinic at Harvard Law School. She engages in litigation and advocacy on a variety of election law cases, while training the next generation of election lawyers. Along with co-counsel, Ruth represented the plaintiffs in two partisan gerrymandering cases before the Supreme Court (Gill v. Whitford and LWVNC v. Rucho).

Photo of Simon Jackman

Simon Jackman

Simon is the Chief Executive Officer at the U.S. Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia. Prior to that he was a professor of political science and statistics at Stanford University. His teaching and research centers on public opinion, election campaigns, political participation, and electoral systems. Simon has been the expert witness in two partisan gerrymandering cases (Gill v. Whitford and LWVNC v. Rucho).

Photo of Eric McGhee

Eric McGhee

Eric is a political scientist who focuses on elections, legislative behavior, political reform, and public opinion. His research has appeared in numerous high-profile academic journals and media outlets. He is a leading expert on redistricting, and is the inventor of the efficiency gap and co-creator (with Nick Stephanopoulos) of a proposed legal test based on the metric. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Photo of Michal Migurski

Michal Migurski

Executive Director

Michal has been a leader in open source geospatial software and data in many organizations, as technical director of National Design Award-winning mapping and data visualization studio Stamen and Chief Technology Officer at government technology non-profit Code for America.

Photo of Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Nicholas is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. His work is particularly focused on the intersection of democratic theory, empirical political science, and the American electoral system. Nicholas co-authored the original law review article on the efficiency gap with Eric McGhee, and was co-counsel for the plaintiffs in two partisan gerrymandering cases (Gill v. Whitford and LWVNC v. Rucho).

Photo of Chris Warshaw

Chris Warshaw

Chris is an Associate Professor of Political Science at George Washington University. His research focuses on political representation, elections, and public opinion. He has co-authored two articles on partisan gerrymandering. He is currently working on a book that assesses the effect of gerrymandering on democratic representation in the American states. He has also worked as an expert witness in three partisan gerrymandering court cases.

This project is a collaboration between PlanScore and Campaign Legal Center, both 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. PlanScore's EIN is 83-1367310

GreenInfo Network served as the first fiscal sponsor for PlanScore and also developed the first version of the website and the brand identity, with Ison Design. GreenInfo is a nonprofit organization that creates, analyzes, visualizes, and communicates information in the public interest. They have served as design and development consultants for numerous redistricting projects, in addition to decades of work mapping public lands, park equity, public health, climate resilience, and other critical issues.